LRS Large Print School Books
for Visually Impaired Students
       LRS Large Print School Books
      The ideal learning aid for VI students in regular classrooms:
      • Minimum 18 pt type size
      • Same layout and pagination as the original
      • Large Print book is about the same size as the original

, LRS can do ANY book:

  • State or Local Editions
  • Math, Science, or Foreign languages
  • Old Copyrights
  • Non-adopted Titles
     Large Print Books: Commonplace Comments

Large Print Books are too big.
Most LRS Large Print books are about the same size as the original, see perfect fit.

Large Print is only Black & White.

Most LRS books are available in full color, if you prefer B&W we can do that, see choices.

Large Print takes too long to produce.
LRS' delivery time is typically around two weeks for new titles, often less, call 800 255 5002 or email LRS.

I've never had a Visually Impaired student in my classroom before.
LRS Large Print is ideal for mainstreamed VI kids; same book, same page number, same page layout as the rest of the class. Visit: for more help.

The book I need isn't in your online catalog.

LRS can enlarge any material, see any book

Magnifiers and CCTV are better than large print.

Other vision aids are useful, but large print is best in the classroom see why large print?

Large Print books are flimsy, either stapled, sewn or comb-bound.
LRS offers three durable bindings, hardcover, perfect bound or coil bound, see choices.

The page numbering and layout doesn't match the original.
The LRS process keeps the original page numbering and page layout, see perfect match.

Large Print books are always printed on cream-colored paper.

LRS usually prints on white paper, but we can print on cream if you prefer, see choices.

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